Pharma Business Administration Consultancy is the first and by far the only company in the Polish market which specialises in providing companies - operating in pharmaceutical sector and beyond - with comprehensive management advisory services.

Idea for the establishment of Pharma Business Administration Consultancy is based on the concept of using the founder's wide theoretical and practical knowledge as well as many years of experience in respect of management - in pharmaceutical and FMCG sectors - both in varied market situations and on diverse organisational levels of a company.

PBA Consultancy's offer is addressed to all companies operating in Poland being in a development stage requiring the implementation of necessary steps improving their - in a broad sense - efficiency.

We invite You to get acquainted with our offer and to provide us with Your expectations so that we will be able to propose the cooperation scheme tailored exactly to Your needs.

Awaiting future cooperation,
Zdzisław J. Sabiłło

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